Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bubbles: a consideration

bubbles are fun and photogenic, no matter what age you are!

last month, there was a gathering in times square of people playing with bubbles. edward champion created a nice little video about the event.

anyone know the song? i love it!


Big Mark 243 said...

Interesting ... other than being en Francis, I can't help with the song.

HEY! I went and saw your donation link. Your entries have been so much fun, I would like to contribute a little something to the cause BUT I don't have a credit card. Or check book.

Is there an address to send my modest contributions? If so, you could email me. If not, I understand.

FlyingSinger said...

It's by a 19 year old girl from Quebec who goes by the name Coeur de Pirate (Pirate's Heart) but her name is BĂ©atrice Martin. The song is "Fondu au Noir" (Fade to Black). I'm OK in French but I needed some help from my Quebecois co-worker on this. Pretty song! Great video too.

Unknown said...

thanks for the song info - thats great!!

ans thanks for your enthusiasm, big mark! i'll send you an email!