Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mushy peas and mint sauce

i went to the 714th annual nottingham goose fair last weekend! thats probably the oldest festival i've ever attended! it was a huge carnival with rides, rain, fried foods and games like hook-a-duck. amazingly, i only took one picture, but it seems to summarize my experience:

the website describes mushy peas and mint sauce as a "local delicacy," so of course i had to try it. my serving didnt come slopped on top of chips (fries, to the north americans), rather i spooned it out of a tiny cup. it wasnt as awful as i thought it sounded considering that i really dont like peas - but i did not go back for a second serving!


John said...


Mushy peas + mint sauce was a new one on me, until I visited some some family in Yorkshire and had a proper pork pie, served with mushy peas with mint sauce... Perhaps the nicest EVER meal!

Glad you seem to be enjoying the UK btw!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, mushy peas! Put them on/beside the chips, cover the lot with malt vinegar (and salt).