Saturday, October 4, 2008

oxford, england - part 1

belinda grew up in oxford and took me along for a weekend family visit! shenanigans ensued....

belinda drives.

glad i'm not driving.

gorgeous old victorian homes.

evidence of belinda's existential phase of youth!

when belinda first told me the name of this bridge, i heard the "bridge of size." and i thought to myself, "but its not really that big!" then i read the little sign and realized my mistake... the bridge of sighs - oh! that name made much more sense when i heard the story of the original bridge of sighs in italy. still, i dont understand why the british didnt give this one their own, less depressing name!

a couple characters in front of the bodleian library

a rather large key hole!

annoying uber-tourist!

more to come...


Julia said...

What awesome photos... And is England sunny and blue skies all the time or something? :)

Unknown said...

NO! i just happened to get a sunny weekend with clear night skies during my shirt visit. this quick trip doubled the amount of sunglass-wearing opportunities i've had in the month and a half i've been in england!

David Frankis said...

Did you notice that nobody pays any attention to those chevron signs?

When I was there I think we just called it Hertford Bridge (it's in Hertford College). I think the Bridge of Sighs name maybe is just Cambridge envy - the one in Cambridge stands up to comparison with the one in Venice (not that I've seen the latter) rather better, being over water for one thing.