Friday, July 25, 2008

young me - now me

ze frank introduced a fun contest called youngme - nowme. i picked out a picture to recreate a while ago, but was a little busy and then i forgot to stage the photoshoot when my sister came to town! but today.... we finally did it!

here's cori's collection!

i highly recommend trying out this project... it's fun!! or you can check out the official winners of the youngme - nowme contest.


Eva said...

That's amazing!, me and my family just did this last weekend without knowing anything about the project. I hope I can post the results soon.

Unsui said...

This one doesn't count , you raised the wrong foot :D,
redo the photo shoot :P

Unknown said...

yeah, i know... wrong leg. oh well!

liz said...

i love this! i am a whacky person, like yourself!