Tuesday, July 8, 2008

tattoo possibility

i might very well get a tattoo (very) soon. i have a tentative plan, but i'm open for suggestions (i know, i hear my mother saying "but why?"). send ideas for... anything.


Anonymous said...

There's only two possibilities:

1) an anchor on your arm in honor of the boat parties

2) a volleyball on your calf in honor of kicking so many volleyballs into the trees

Eva said...

I would say do it in the ankle. It's one of those spots that cannot change much with time. As for the shape... no idea... a Texan hat?

Julia said...

Mine is on my back, which is another good place for not changing with time, pregnancy, etc. Of course, it's not very visible to the public, either, which might be an argument against it or a non-issue for you.

Jeff said...

Sorry to not stick to your request for ideas but I have to chime in.

I’ve photographed many brides that have a tattoo on their shoulder blade, and most want it hidden in their wedding photographs. I assume the tattoos are recent because the women are usually in their mid to late 20s... and they regret the tattoo that quickly!

I’m amazed by their lack of foresight... 10, 20, 30 years down the road, when the tattoo is no longer fresh, and they have matured a little. (I’m not saying you’re not mature, but everyone will have grow in unexpected ways 20 years from now.)

Unknown said...

thanks for the suggestions!

yes, i've thought about the future, jeff! i have one tattoo that i really like. its on my lower back and my only complaint is that i cant really see it! i think i've waited so long to get another becuase i've wanted to see if the idea still excited me years later... and it does! but no shoulder blade.

Anonymous said...

Get a tat of the Pleides on your ankle!

heroineworshipper said...

Postdocs make good money in England.

Electro said...

"per aspera ad astra"
(Through hardship to the stars)

with Orion in the background. On a Bicep.

Just my opinion.