Tuesday, July 29, 2008

astropixie on the radio!

last week, i was interviewed for a radio show on WAIF 88.3 in cincinnati. the interview went really well (i thought) and i had tons of fun! a blog reader was kind enough to record the show and send me a copy and here's my attempt to post it for all to hear!

i havent had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but i dont remember saying anything terribly incorrect! i think at one point i talked about the sun becoming a black hole if it were all smashed down into a small volume of less than 3 km in radius (the schwarzschild radius for the sun). i may have quoted the units wrong there, but i meant 3 km! ;)

if the interview is not embedded above, then click HERE for the mp3 file. if anyone has better audio embedding options, let me know! thanks steveJ and davin!


Nick Monks said...

Just FYI (in case anyone else mentions it), you did say "3 meters" in reference to the schwarzschild radius of the sun, but I knew what you meant and you've corrected it here anyway =)

You did a fantastic job, though. Informative, entertaining and easy to understand. Maybe you should make a career of communicating this "astro-physics" thing ^_^

Anonymous said...

I listened to the whole thing! I really enjoyed it. You have a great radio voice. Have you ever thought of doing this as a career ;)