Thursday, July 31, 2008

quicksand jesus

just a couple highway exits north of where i grew up in ohio, you'll find this recently-built 60 foot statue right next to the interstate:

the names i've heard for this... tribute (?)... include:

touch down jesus
king of kings
big J.
drowning jesus
"high five"-ing the lord, jesus
worlds largest christ (W.L. christ)
quicksand jesus (as my little sister calls him)
and finally, big butter jesus...

as described in this hilarious song by comedian heywood banks:

don't forget to "spread" the word!


Steve Jeffery said...

Judging by his expression and attitude, I think I'm with your little sister on this one. On the other hand, "I can't believe it's not Jesus", sheer genius. I lol'd.

Anonymous said...

HAhahaha! Oh good lord, everytime I drive past that, I almost veer off of the road in laughter a the ludicrous size and audacity of it (apologies to anyone who's offended). I've come up with a few over the past 6 or so months I've lived around here.

Punt Receiving Jesus

"A deodorant so great, Jesus uses it."

Baby Tossing Jesus

Jesus saying "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!", as he realizes that it's really Earth, not The Planet of the Apes.

lalamandala said...

Oh-leo Lord, is right! That ranks right up there with the Cornhole Song! I call him the Big B'Jesus, myself, and also nearly wreck every time i drive by. surprise, disbelief, disgust, hilarity - not sure why, but i definitely can barely stay on the road. can't believe no one has given the old guy a big case of toilet papering. where are you high schoolers. there can't be a more deserving challenge!

Anonymous said...

it's good!! hahah