Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy not 30th birthday to me!

you know its going to be a memorable birthday when you wake up with a chilled keg in your room! (?)

and from xkcd today:


Julia said...

Happy birthday, Amanda! My actual 30th birthday is in just 2 weeks or so.

Ben Bauer said...

Happy Birthday! I got home super late on Saturday and the sky was wonderfully clear. I got to see Jupiter in my telescope for the first time. It's getting to be addicting--I'm out looking at the sky on most every clear night now that the weather is warm. Good stuff. :)

-Cousin Ben

Unsui said...

Happy Birthday!! We celebrated the great day here , with three "B"s Barbeque, Booze and Lots of Banter..

Best Wishes

Eva said...

Chilled keg on a Monday???... happy birthay!