Wednesday, May 7, 2008

eat food, mostly plants

a couple things i've learned from my own experience and from micheal pollan, author of in defense of food:

i enjoy real food! i love eating with family and friends. i'm most satisfied when i cook my food!!!!

i try not to eat anything my great-grandmother wouldnt recognize (i read ingredients... if there are more than about 5, i usually dont know what they are!)

i dont eat on the go... in a car.... while walking... i like to sit down and appreciate my food!

when i moved back to austin, i joined a locally-grown food delivery service called greenling. every week they deliver a huge box of veggies and fruits, grown on central texas farms to my front door!!!! i absolutely LOVE it! the fresh food tastes wonderful, i pay about $35 a week for whatever has been harvested in the last week, the food lasts me the entire week, i think my allergies have reduced immensely due to eating local foods, i've learned how to cook many new foods that i never would have bought on my own at the grocery store, i havent been sick since i moved back, in general i feel healthy... i must say its one of the best things i've ever done!! and since i am carless, it's amazingly nice to not have to grocery shop with a backpack to carry stuff home!

i walked to the farmers market when i lived in chile and enjoyed learning about new foods that were grown at farms just down the valley, and now i feel like i'm getting a glimpse of what farmers in my area around austin are actually doing. it's great.

anyway, here's micheal pollan speaking at google. the video is an hour long, and it's completely worth it...

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Unsui said...

Its so cool to have healthy groceries delivered at doorstep, and that too at competitive rates. Its a real steal. I wish there is something on these lines in Detroit area. Especially with Food prices sky-rocketing local produce (no transportation surcharge)and something not grown on chemical fertilizers would be a welcome change...
How was your weekend ?