Saturday, May 17, 2008

beginning aftermath

the night before my big day... just after i had finally gotten to sleep, a gigantic thunder boom woke me up and completely scared me! the storm last for a while, dropped texas-sized hail and the wind blew the trees around like crazy. i couldnt get back to sleep.... until approximately 6am! turns out that the storm knocked down trees and branches all over town, killing electricity to over 20,000 austin residents! as i walked thru campus the morning of the big day, the atmosphere felt like a twisted fall season where the leaves forgot to turn colors before they fell off the trees to the ground!

i was feeling pretty nervous before my talk started.... but ready to go and get it all over with!!!

insert a successful talk and 1.5 hour closed door session... and then i'm off to the bar to celebrate with my wonderful family!!

tonight is my official party night! cant wait!! woohoo!

reality of doctor-hood is slowing sinking in. what an absolutely amazing feeling! not only the satisfaction of the accomplishment, but the clarity of thought as my mind finally connects all the pieces of info together from all the things i’ve learned and studied over the last many years!

thanks to everyone for all the kind words :)


C W Magee said...

Here's a scientific guide to your night's activities...

Brandon said...

Woot! Congratulations!

Unsui said...

Congrats Dr. Am!!!

heroineworshipper said...

With most of our exposure to the life of an astronomy PhD coming from Contact, it's easy to forget what an achievement that PhD is. The life of PhD's today is soooo far ahead of what everyone else has.