Friday, July 20, 2012

measurement systems

i find the US measurement systems to be mostly confusing (12 inches in a foot?).  having lived in many countries, i can now think in both fahrenheit and celsius, but i have no idea how much i weight in kilos.   

anyway, this graphic nicely demonstrates a reason why using fahrenheit to measure temperatures kinda makes sense!  :)

Source: twitter


il dentista di provincia said...

0 degrees Celsius: the ice to for my Martini
100 degrees Celsius: the water for my spaghetti

Henry Chaplin said...

kelvin! hahaha

Clyde said...

It annoys me sometimes when we have all these different measurements. It’s sometimes difficult when you are looking for something at a certain length in feet and what they have for you are things that are measured in meters. While I do use Celsius in measuring temperature, I do have to agree with your graphic. Fahrenheit seems like a better measurement as you can easily gauge things from a 1 to 100 scale. That’s a funny chart for the Kelvin measurement.