Tuesday, July 31, 2012

follow your curiosity

a new robotic rover will land on mars in less than a week!   i love the name of this one: curiosity

here's a look at the details of what will happen on august 5/6th, 2012 - the dramatic last seven minutes of terror, as this awesome new robotic explorer passes through the atmosphere of mars and sinks towards the planet's surface.

curiosity launched from earth on november 26, 2011 and has been traveling ever since.   its will land on mars this sun/mon and you can watch the landing LIVE at NASA TV!!  isnt that amazing? 

the landing times are:

Aug 5, 2012    10:31 p.m.  Pacific (USA)
Aug 6, 2012     1:31 a.m.   Eastern (USA)
Aug 6, 2012     5:31 a.m.   Universal

Aug 6, 2012     6:31 a.m.   London (UK)
Aug 6, 2012     3:30 p.m    Sydney (AUS)

curiosity will look at the environment on mars, to determine whether it could have supported small life forms called microbes.   exciting times!

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