Friday, July 9, 2010

total solar eclipse: july 11, 2010

this sunday is certainly a big day in world events. not only will much of the globe enjoy the world cup final between holland and spain, but many people will be lucky enough to witness a total solar eclipse as well!

the phase of totality, when the moon passes in front of the sun and completely blocks its light, occurs over easter island, chile starting at 20:10 UT, which is 19:10 in england and 4:10 pm eastern time in the US.

i wish i could witness this year's eclipse in person, but i cannot :( but, we are all lucky enough to be able to watch a live video of the whole event, courtesy of the shelios eclipse expedition, which headed south from spain this week for the event!

WATCH the eclipse LIVE here:

i admit that i understand why people travel around the world to view total solar eclipses, as i'm still glowing from last years event in china:

you can see more of our total solar eclipse 2009 adventures here.

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