Saturday, July 10, 2010

how is saturn like an octopus?

NASA's cassini website shows saturn all decked out in world cup garb!

so... does saturn predict holland or spain to win? if you havent read about the "sucker for soccer" octpus who seemingly predicts the winner of late-stage WC matches, thats perfectly alright. it just means the title of this post makes no sense.

either way, a team from a country who has never won a world championship will be the new world cup winners, and i think thats great!!

although, i will be suffering some serious soccer withdrawal over the upcoming weeks :(

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Bernd Missal said...


being a longtime astro-hugger and admirer of your great blog, I know you'll like this gorgeous space art picture:

Going to Australia? Be warned ;-)

Bernd Missal, Netherlands

PS: this is not ment to be a comment, just a link to the picture(s)