Sunday, August 16, 2009

influential books

a facebook meme went around recently challenging you to share 15 books that you've read that have stuck with you, without taking too long to think about it. i thought i'd share my list here and see if you would like to offer your list of 15.

the secret garden - frances hodgson burnett
lord of the rings (trilogy) - JRR tolkien
memoirs of a geisha - arthur golden
the world according to garp - john irving
flowers for algernon - daniel keyes
black holes and time warps - kip s thorne
the poisonwood bible - barbara kingsolver
pride and prejudice - jane austen
harry potter (series) - jk rowling
the origin of species - charles darwin
divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood - callie khouri
enders game - orson scott card
the red tent - anita diamant
the dark tower (series) - stephen king
count of monte cristo - alexandre dumas

since i've had a little more time now to think about it now, i'll list some other books that been influential throughout different periods in my life:

bridge to terabithia - katherine paterson
where the red fern grows - wilson rawls
surely youre joking, mr feynman - richard feynman
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams


Sarah Anne said...

A Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickins
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon
A Countess Below Stairs-Iva Ibbotsen
The Truth About Forever-Sarah Dessen

Those are just some of them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, 1) Pilot Jack Night (the first memorable one)
2) When worlds collide
3) Every book Vonnegut wrote (esp) Cat's Cradle
4) The how and why of machines
5.) Most of Robin Cook's books
6) Travel's with Charlie
7) The history of the Russian Empire
And i can't remember what else...all of the above are from my youth. Im a binge reader.