Wednesday, December 24, 2008

winter holidays in london

i spent several days of this holiday season in london, england. thanks to those friendly folks who put me up and/or shared a meal! enjoy the photos!

scenes from hyde park...

soho surprises line carnby street...

little christmas markets are hidden in many nooks of the city. this one sits outside the natural history museum.

british museum.


a black cab and clouds.

bling in the trees.

harrods - a beacon of light.

three icons

ms. claus....

...among her people ;)

the eye's optical illusions.

ein gluhwein, bitte!

the norwegian "thank you" tree in trafalgar square.

trafalgar sounds like a town in middle earth, doesn't it?!

too posh for exercise or dog-walking?

no problom.

purely british dining for lunch, er, i mean dinner, ugh... at midday!!
fish and chips, mushy peas and a pint!


Anonymous said...

Best city on the planet.

moo... said...

beautiful. it's oddly refreshing to see a place i've been to through new eyes, or at least a new lense...