Thursday, December 4, 2008

space art - an exhibition

in october of this year, there was a workshop held called "The Impact of Simulations in Cosmology and Galaxy Formation with associated exhibition: “Space Art” at Immaginario Scientifico. included in the exhibition are scientific simulations created by some of the leading theoretical astrophysicists in the world, interpreted as art for all to enjoy (finally)!

i think it remains unintutive, for the non-initiated, to imagine what it looks like when two galaxies collide, or what large-scale structure in the universe looks like. simulations created using the basic knowledge of gravitational interactions provide a lot of insight towards our understanding of structures in our universe, but they can also be incredibly beautiful on their own!

here is the trailer for the space art exhibition:

to view some more scientific (and gorgeous) movies of galaxy mergers, visit phil hopkins's old site at harvard. enjoy!

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