Tuesday, January 1, 2008

sagan's cosmos of TV!

carl sagan has remained a very positive influence in my life and has written amazingly inspirational prose about the human perspecive and our place in the universe.

sagan and ann druyan produced a TV series called COSMOS in the 1980's, and i'm happy to share that the Discovery Channel will be airing it in its entirety starting january 8th!!

the COSMOS series doesnt have the super high-tech animations that are shown in the universe series on the history channel, because it was created in the 80's. but its information is still up to date, and i like the amount that it left to be filled in by my imagination.... and the passion and wonder portrayed in this series is unrivaled in anything i've seen since.

you can see little snippets from the COSMOS series on evolution and the timeframe for human existence in the universe.

here's the beautiful introduction to the TV series:



Anonymous said...

I grew up with Carl Sagan, and in many ways, I am a scientist today because of him.

As long as he focused upon astronomy, he was one of the most outstanding scientists the world has ever known.

His ability to express complex aspects of astronomy, in ways that the public could understand, will be difficult to equal.

In his last few years, he lost my respect when he fell into the "Nuclear Winter" trap.

He was no longer teaching astronomy, but some form of religion. He believed in it with all of his heart, but the science ended up being against him.

Those primitive computer models ignored such simple things like wind, on the planet Earth.

Let this be a lesson to all of us, that consider ourselves scientists.

Carl Sagan taught me so many things, and perhaps his last lesson, was the most valuable of them all.

WonderMike said...

I got Cosmos for myself last year and I love it!!! I can't believe some fo the amazing things that were presented on PBS at the time. I wish we still had that kind of funding for solid science. Thanks for the post.