Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the universe is brought to you by master card

tonight i decided to watch some tv while i ate my dinner. i'm not a big fan of TV, but i found a great program on the history channel called the universe. when i turned on the program they were taking about the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation and the resulting nobel prize in physics given to penzias and wilson in 1978. i was hoping that they would go on to discuss the related 2006 nobel prize awarded to john mather and george smoot because mather is coming to austin to give a few lectures next month!! unfortunately, they didnt mention this, but they did show some fantastic graphics of the beginning and predicted end of the universe that i havent seen before due to my lack of cable television watching for so long! there are some great visualizations of the universe that i have long thought about but never actually *seen* before! how cool!

at the end of one segment leading into the commercials, a narrator spoke over some icon for the history channel and said:

the universe
is brought to you by master card.....

holy crap... i laughed out loud so loudly and for so long that my roommate eventually asked what i was watching. when i told her "a show on the history channel called the universe," she looked at me sort of funny and moved on. hahaha!

ah, consumerism..... with interest! bienvenidos a los estados unidos!


Unknown said...

I saw most of the show last night but missed the Mastercard thang.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes...the irony. The joke at our house is, "Honey, I'm watching the universe." I guess there are some things money can't buy, but for the universe, there's MasterCard. I've really enjoyed the program. Kudos to the History Channel & DVR technology. -Cousin Ben