Sunday, September 30, 2007

anecdote for 200

i woke up this morning, alone in the house. i showered, made some oatmeal and read a chapter of harry potter. then i grabbed my computer and walked down to the local coffee shop to write more proposals for job applications (ugh!). i found a nice table in the corner with a chair of a good height! after setting up my computer, i walked to the counter to order my coffee. when it was my turn, i opened my mouth relay my order, but only a high pitched, barely audible squeak came out.... i lost my voice overnight! hahaha! i laughed, a little embarrassed, and tried again. finally in a scratchy whisper, i convey my order and accepted my large coffee and change.

what a funny experience. it's interesting that i was awake for a couple hours before trying to say a word. it's also fascinating how much different a cough sounds when my voice isn't attached!

my throat has been a bit sore all week and my voice was lower than usual and scruffy yesterday.... then i had a star party and explained quite a number of things for 3 hours straight! i was worn out and ready for sleep last night, but i didnt expect to lose my voice! i hope it returns by the time i'm in ohio on tuesday!

by the way, this is the 200th blog entry. a relatively pointless event to point out, but... es ist wie es ist!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amanda! 200 posts - that's much more than I've managed.

Keep up the interesting work and posts!