Saturday, September 29, 2007

for and against

i am for seeking happiness.

i am against excuses.

i am for skinny dipping.

i am against cigarette smoking.

i am for universal health care.

i am against walmart.

i am for public transportation.

i am against fast "food".

i am for bananas!

i am against chewing gum.

i am for wearing costumes at any occasion.

i am against self doubt.

i am for self exploration.

i am for democracy.

i am against manipulation.

i am for reason.

i am against the band wagon.

i am for reading to kids.

i am against crappy beer.

i am for breast feeding.

i am for accessorizing.

i am against fake finger nails.

i am for discussions.

i am for campfires.

i am against litter.

i am against paying interest.

i am for empathy.

i am against gossip.

i am for honesty.

i am against lies on any level.

i am for participation.

i am against apathy.

i am for hard work.

i am for art parties.

i am for passion.

i am for family dinners.

i am for making music.

i am for orgasms.

i am for looking at the stars at night.

i am for saying hello to strangers.

i am for more than i am against it seems.

i am for erin o'brien who gave me this idea.


lalamandala said...

I am for having a baby today!

Luke said...

Great post ... but what's up with the banana picture?

Erin O'Brien said...


I am so glad you were inspired by my post.

I also had a hard time coming up with "againsts," but had plenty of "fors."

Have a wonderful weekend and stay beautiful!

Unknown said...

i'm not sure whats up with that banana picture. just a funny installation that i found a picture of on the internets. bananas are superfood!

SleekPelt said...

Hello, stranger!

Unknown said...

I am for most of what you are for and most of what you are against with a few exceptions...what wrong with cigarettes? Or gum chewing? Or interest on a loan?

Unknown said...

i am for love
i am for Barton springs
i am against impulsiveness
i am against corporatism
i am for solar, wind and hydrolic motions and energies
i am for kinetics
i am against progress for the sake of profit of the elite
i am for transformation
i am for Amanda Bauer as president

how does one not have self doubt?

Unknown said...

hello, not-so-stranger sleekpelt!

brad, i admit i enjoy the occasional cigarette with my friends, but still... aside from the cancer-causing agents, i hate the smell of other people's cigarette smoke in my hair and seeing cigarette butts all over the place!

chewing gum mostly bothers me when i step on or sit in it... or when students chomp away while asking me questions about class.

interest rates are, for the most part, unreasonably high. i understand the point behind them, but is it really justified for the "standard APR" to be set between 15 and 25% ??!?!?! i'm against that.

Unknown said...


interesting question about self doubt... i guess i meant that i am against being so doubtful of my ability to do something that i prevent myself from even trying it.

it made me laugh to read that youre against impulsiveness ;)

pissed_at_Google said...

I have a problem with the have none’s who are always against anyone who has some. Like Wal-Mart for instance. They are big sure but their bigness allows the average Voter to save some of his hard earned money. Why would you be against that. Sure they pay low wages but if they paid high wages then the prices would be that much higher—get it. The same ones always get after McDonalds-why not get after Carl’s Jr. they got enough guts to charge 6 bucks for a lousy burger. MickyD’s try’s to keep the price down for the Voters. Every one wants to Witch about high gas prices but not praise low prices afforded by corporations. And about smoking—you smokers have your rights to smoke or jump off a cliff. Jumping off a cliff does not smell as bad and is a lot quicker. Then the same smoking have none’s want some one to operate on them for free when they get lung cancer.

pissed_at_Google said...

Apparently no one uses this site either

Unknown said...

my, my, pissed_at_Google, you are an impatient one, aren't you?

regarding wal-mart, its not just the low wages that i have a problem with, its also low standards on health insurance for workers, the fact that this big corporation can override local decision-making authorities, and they receive govt subsidies that are denied to independent local businesses, thus causing local specialty companies to go out of business. i recognize the convenience presented to the consumer via wal-mart, but when identicle (super) wal-marts open in every town across the country, the *personalities* of those unique towns are completely lost... and i think thats a shame.

and i'll add that wal-mart is not the cause of these problems, but it represents a clearly visible example of this disease of runaway corporate power. i feel there is a larger issue that we ("the voters") should be addressing.

you ask why people express anger towards mcdonalds and not carls jr, for example. well, i travel around the world and i see mcdonalds fast food restaurants *EVERYWHERE*, but i dont see carls jr. some people might see the spreading of one chain as an advantage, a convenience to get "food" quickly, but personally, if i have the opportunity to visit another country, i dont want to eat freaking mcdonalds!!! i want to eat food that represents the culture i'm visiting!

so there are a few thoughts. i know it took me a couple hours to respond to your comments..........

pissed_at_Google said...

Your comments to my observations bluster with the vulgar commonness of one who has no concept of Macro Economics or what it is that actually makes America the land of plenty that it is.
When one signs up for work you will find that they were not shanghaied. Most often those being of meager intelligence are apt to apply for minimum wage jobs. In the arena of minimum wage jobs there are very few jobs with excellent health care, pension plans, matching 401’s or anything other than a minimum wage pay check. In your la-de-da adventures around the world—did you happen to notice how wonderful it is in say South America, Mexico, Africa, India, Russia, Albania, Gaza, Egypt, Morocco, China, etc., and did you happen to ask anyone in those countries that do have any job at all if they get hospital benefits- nope they just die if they are sick. In America we are so spoiled that we stop our feet and hire lawyers if we don’t get our way. Waa Waa Waa I was in the employees bathroom at WalMart and there was no toilet tissue. Call the tissue police, Connie Chung and the lawyers. Hurry big business is at it again.
Back in the early and mid 1900’s when there were few if any mega corporations the average Voter lived in a 800 sf house with possibly (by mid 1950) one car one radio and no TV. After the 50’s with the advent of larger corporations the size of houses increased from 800 to 1000 until today in 2008 the average new home size is 2,500 sf. With 3 car garages, 2 cars, lots of additional “TOYS” in the garage more leisure time, fatter people. In fact the average voter has so much stuff that a whole new industry has hit the USA over the past 30 years – STORAGE UNITS – You got so much stuff you need extra space to store it in. WOW that’s a Witch- huh??
So let me see if I get this right. You think that big business is running Mom and Pop out of a job and that that is a terrible thing and I would suppose you would rather go back to the 800 sf house and no car no TV and no TOYS. Just for the sake of letting Mom and Pop have their little cloths shop on Main St.. For your information Mom and Pop still own little stores in which they can make a living but they are disguised as big business!! YEP.. who do you think owns each one of the little McDonalds, Carle’s Jr., Dominos, Jiffy Lube, 7-11, Circle K, OutBack, I-Hop, Denny’s, THAT’S RIGHT Mom and Pop via a franchise. The idea of the franchise is that the mother corporation is able to buy in bulk and save Mom and Pop on their overhead. The benefit to you is that when you order say a Dominos Pizza from Mom and Pop in their franchised unit-- you the consuming voter saves money over the price charged by MAMA LOIGIES PIZZA PIE AND LAZAGINA PARLOR. And don’t try to pretend for one instant that even you seek out a Mom and Pops where you can pay more money every time.
I spent 5 years in Grand Forks North Dakota in the 70’s. During that time TARGET tried to get a foot hold in the “down town” area- the part with the personality of being rundown out dated, inconvenient, overpriced and “we’re too busy to help you” area of Grand Forks. TARGET was fought tooth and nail by the old guard of down town. After 2 years of wrangling Target just went out of town 3 miles south and built their store. GUESS what happened? The town which had been stagnant up until then grew out to meet TARGET which offered new low pay jobs to the people who just sat around the house with nothing to do with there nothing education until TARGET arrived and gave them a way out..
So you need to learn that nothing stays the same and the days of Route 66 are gone gone gone. Get an education, train your brain, and get with the program. America is leading the way -no one rides Donkeys here anymore like they do in GAZA, Morraco, South America and etc. Learn to adapt. Lead, follow or get out of the way, as they say.
Write back and lets BLOG

pissed_at_Google said...

That would be U & I blogging since no one else seems to have used this site since 2007, a good discussion only needs two people anyway

pissed_at_Google said...

OF COURSE- I just read your complete profile and find you are from that Great Socialistic Mother Country ENGLAND
No wonder you think Health Care is some kind of “right” each human deserves just for being human.
So Let me see now. New information. You live in a country that has been on its own for about 1,000 years. I live in a country that has been on its own for only just over 200 years since we kicked you guys out of here in 1776. We have become the worlds # one economy (in spite of all the K-Marts, and Wal-Marts) in 200 years and you guys are closer to #10 than # 1(below India for haven sakes) and on a per-capita basis you rank #20 below Iceland at #16. Sooooooo America by assisting all the “Marts” and what ever else must be doing or allowing the right thing to happen.
I can tell by the stars that the answer is rocketing on it’s way as I type.

pissed_at_Google said...

ahhhhhhhh soooooooo what happend
you went away
thought we were going to have an out and out Donny Brook for sure