Thursday, March 29, 2007

peanut brittle

a while back i posted a ~7 minute video about evolution...

in order to not be one-sided, i thought i'd offer this little 2 minute video disputing the validity of evolution.


chuck missler makes an obvious point with that peanut butter prop. i, for one, have been grateful everytime i've opend a jar of peanut butter and not found new life! if those silly evolutionists were correct, you'd think we would have been able to grow at least one form of new life in one of those peanut butter jars that we've produced, packed, bought and sold over the last ~100 years! the next thing those crazy scientists'll be telling us is that quantum mechanics is real! ha! QM says there's a probability that if i sit on my couch long enough* (surrounded by the comfortable lighting of my living room writing blog after blog after blog on my new laptop), i will eventually fall through it. well, that would be pretty darned inconvenient now wouldn't it, scientists! sheesh! there are over 7 billion people on the earth... why havent we heard a single report about anyone falling through their couch!?!


* QM predicts i'd have to sit there many times longer than the age of the universe since the big bang++

++ if you belive in that sort of thing.

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asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf said...

It's so true! I never thought about that before! wonder the creationists hate scientists and evolution. If only I'd listen to some of their radio babble once in awhile, I'd already be enlightened. Thanks, Amanda!

Of course, scientists or people who fancy themselves rational thinkers could shoot back that it might take a bit more time for chemical reactions to combine molecules into amino acids and then into proteins which somehow form life than the typical shelf-life of a jar of Jiffy at your local Albertsons, or that stuff like
preservatives might hamper the formation or continuation of life, or, indeed, that the early soup of material that formed the the building blocks of life was not comprised of peanut butter, but, really, what do they know?