Friday, March 16, 2007

mmm... food!

the spoof news organization, the onion, never ceases to amuse me! check out this headline:

McDonald's Stock Slides As More Consumers Turn To Food.

hahaha! even before i read fast food nation by eric schlosser, (or saw the movie) i decided to boycott fast "food" franchises. i got sick of the fast-paced, non-nutritious eating style summed up by the onion... "These days, people seem more interested in eating food than hormone-hybrid lab patties."

schlosser goes into many details behind what goes into creating the massive amounts of burgers and fries that pour thru fast food drive thrus everyday. one thing that really surprised me was his visit to labs where scientists re-create the smell and taste of everything!! the burgers smell like they do because of the added chemicals. i know that this phenomenon isnt limited just to fast food "food", but those chains certainly exemplify the principle.

i remember my mom telling me that as a child it was a BIG deal to go out to a restaurant or fast food place to eat. now, most US individuals and families go out several times a week! how profoundly this has changed society... when an effort has to be made to sit down at home together to share a meal. it's just one example of the domination of cultural evolution which continues to dominate the changes in humanity at the amazingly quick rates of less than a generation. i didnt have email until high school and now i cant even imagine working without the internet.... much less traveling internationally as i've been doing so often over the last few years.

one day i hope to live in a place long enough that i can produce food to eat from my very own garden. hope hope.

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