Thursday, March 8, 2007

german heritage

i guess my trip to germany really sank into my system. nearly every non-native english speaker i've met over the last several months has made an initial guess that i'm german!? it surprised me the first time, but then it seemed natural as my family name is bauer, and my mom's maiden name is driehaus... but the consistency of this claim is what has really amazed me! very interesting.

another interesting thing is that no one can seem to tell where i'm from within the US anymore. when i moved to austin almost 5 years ago, i purposely picked up the endearing "y'all" because i think its cute. but i guess i've lost all other regional nuance to my speech. i also feel like i'm forgetting english little by little. there are way too many instances when i cant think of the right word for something... too bad i havent stayed anywhere long enough to fully pick up another language yet!! spanish is slowly coming along. this chilean spanish is amazingly difficult to understand though!

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