Monday, November 19, 2012

done trying to please bullies

i think this kate or die! cartoon is great.   powerful. 

here is a link to the full size version, if it's hard to read. 


Ed said...

The person offscreen saying "that's just common sense" is right. If you're not physically capable of defending yourself when the need arises, then going out alone at night is foolhardy. I can do that now - I'm 44 and in good shape - but in 30 years it would be stupid for me to go out alone at night. By then it'll be me and my two buddies, Smith and Wesson.

Unknown said...

well, ed, i'm glad you personally dont have to worry about walking alone at night for the first 74 years of your life, and after that, a gun will solve the problem.

this isnt the case for that majority of humans, and it would be nice if you would acknowledge that issue and work to help solve the problem.

Unknown said...

Ed, I live in a small town. I can safely say I feel say 24 hours a day. I could walk around anytime and not a sole would bother me. I guess it depends on your location.

I really enjoy this, as a guy who is sadden by how most men treat women. The only way I know how to do anything about it is to treat everyone with much respect. Everyone deserves some common courtesy.