Sunday, November 18, 2012

moon shadow

yes, i was in far north queensland, australia last week to see the total solar eclipse!   i'm writing up a whole post about it and will share some photos soon. 

the challenge in sharing the experience is that i have not seen a single photograph or video that can capture the pure magic feeling of witnessing a total solar eclipse. it's an unexplainable life event.

that being said, APOD has shared some great captures since the event last wednesday.  one of my favorites so far is this one by ben cooper

just imagine that backlit black orb hanging in the sky.  it's an incredible sight!  unfortunately, even the fanciest of optics and cleverest of photographers cannot capture the dynamic range our eyes witness or the otherworldly appeal of the brief phenomenon.    more soon.

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heroineworshipper said...

The darkness of the landscape sells it more than the eclipse. No way to do it without multiple exposures & a lot of compositing.