Friday, November 18, 2011

the sky over the anglo-australian telescope

an astronomy colleague of mine, Dr Ángel López-Sánchez, recently created a nice time-lapse film of images he collected while observing at the Siding Spring in Australia, where the Australian Astronomical Telescope sits.

he recorded some of the scenes while i was out observing with him, and i always worried that maybe the kangaroos would knock over his camera equipment as it sat clicking away throughout the long nights. apparently enough footage survived, because this video is great!

other scenes from siding spring:

tim tam slams
milky way over AAT
rainbow panorama
sunset over warrumbungle park
the invaders have landed
the UK-Schmidt telescope
determining redshifts
telescope domes and kangaroos


angelrls, El Lobo Rayado said...

Amanda, thanks A LOT for the publicity! Even the Bad Astronomer resent your twitter a while ago! Thank you. Enjoy your stay in Perth and nearby, I'm observing at the ATCA remotely from home :) but finishing at around 4:00 am :/

Please, there is more information about this timelapse in this AAO webpage and in my professional webpage, where you can download the MOV file of the timelapse in the highest quality (better than that seen in YouTube).


PS: Just in case "angelrls, El Lobo Rayado", which is what I have always used in blogs (from "Wolf-Rayet" -> "Lobo Rayado" in Spanish), or "@El_Lobo_Rayado" in twitter, is not enough, I'm who created the timelapse :)

skywatcher88 said...

Hello Amanda
Very Nice El Lobo
I especially liked the star trail vortex forming near the end of the clip.
Peace and Clear Skies!