Tuesday, August 2, 2011

horizontal milky way

i'm out at siding springs observatory again this week hanging out with some telescopes and kangaroos. this first night of observing has been a hectic one, getting the quirks of the telescope worked out and debugging some new code issues.

luckily, things are running mostly smoothly now, we are collecting spectra of 400 galaxies each hour, and a fellow observer managed to get outside for a few minutes to capture this lovely image of the milky way laying across the night sky :)

Photo Credit:  Maritza Lara-Lopez


Aaron Walton said...

Man, I'd love to get some photos like this, I've got the setup to do it but I live just outside of Atlanta, GA so the skies are HORRIBLY light polluted!

Let them know it's a GREAT shot!

heroineworshipper said...

Very romantic out there, in the middle of nowhere with billions of stars that bright.

Nikky said...

beautiful shot!