Sunday, November 20, 2011

southern skies and southern cross

a couple months ago, brady visited australia to shoot some footage for the periodic table of videos, a new project called deep sky videos and our old favorite, sixty symbols. in this new sixty symbols video, i get to explain all about my favorite celestial objects visible in the southern hemisphere!

one thing that this video reminds me is that i start talking really, really quickly when i get excited!

there is some extra footage available to watch if you want to know a bit more!


Big Mark 243 said...

You do such a good job with your videos... I think you could be a 'Bill Nye' figure for astronomy... but given the lack of funding for NASA, I don't think that space is getting a lot of traction in the USA...

skywatcher88 said...

Hi Amanda
You sound very enthusiastic in your video presenting voice.It is an asset that keeps this viewer interested. I wonder how long til you start getting some aussie accent in your speech? With three people talking English in the two vids it is remarkable at the difference of how this language is itterated by 3 people from different continents .
Great pics by Paul Haese on his website.
Peace and clear skies!

Happy Quotes said...

This is a great video.Keep up the good work!