Tuesday, August 10, 2010

chemistry in the clouds: snowdonia

i lucked out with the weather for one day of the weekend and managed to hike to some of the highest peaks in wales, without sitting inside clouds at the top!

while i thoroughly enjoyed the "scramble" to the top, i must admit i'm so sore today that it was slightly painful to drink my coffee this morning ;)

coincidentally, brady happened to be on the same mountain range this weekend shooting some footage, not for sixty symbols, but for the periodic table of videos! they chose to climb on saturday, in the rain, but still managed to make cisplatinum on top of mt. snowdon! watch this 4-minute video that captures their journey to perform probably the highest chemistry experiment ever done in wales, as they make this popular anti-cancer drug:

find out more about their anti-cancer research group and donate to the cause: here!

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Manja said...

I am amazed about this! Great idea and great project!