Sunday, August 29, 2010

castles in north wales

here are some photos from a trip to wales i took in the spring. the focus of this trip was to see old castles, but we stoppen in Llangollen...

and saw this interesting aqueduct.

we visited conwy castle in nothern wales....

we didnt enter this one, but we walked around the wall that still surrounds the city.

we found the smallest house in great britain! the last occupant was 6 ft 3 and named robert jones. the tiny flat was condemned in the early 1900s, but when the tall man got kicked out, he traveled around great britain to visit all the small houses to verify that his was indeed the smallest.

a mere 20 miles south of conwy, is the massive caernarfon castle, which translates to carnarvon ("car-NAR-von") in english, if that makes the pronunciation any easier!

a small bit of the welsh language.


Steve - Kestrel's Aerie said...

My brother-in-law and his wife hired a small canal boat and toured the Welsh canals, including Llangollen, last spring. They had a ball, and we are considering making it a foursome at some point.

StuntTrader said...

That 9th picture, the one where light is shining through slits in the wall, it just doesn't look right.
Are the laws of perspective different in Wales :)

Siggi said...

soooo lovely! How I'd wish to be there right now!