Tuesday, June 15, 2010

guide for vuvuzela use

via the daily wh.at.

yes, they get a bit jarring when you actually listen to them, but they easily fit into the background hum enough that they dont really annoy me. what's more annoying is the low quality of football played so far in this tournament! i imagine the play will improve as the players settle into the tournament, get used to the altitude, the uber-round and light jabulani ball, and the loud vuvuzela horns droning during the games. i hope so, anyway.

one other thing - do the replays shown during the world cup matches seem ridiculously slow to anyone else? almost any expression a person can make looks impossibly hilarious when played really sllooooowwwlly!! i've laughed out loud several times when they show frustrated coaches or players. one memorable look came from david beckham on the sideline during the USA vs. england match. the image below is obviously photoshopped (see tv reflection in table), but i still think its funny!

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