Tuesday, June 22, 2010

einstein autostereogram

yes, people are still making autostereograms:

spotted this one at fresh photons.


Nikky said...

damn it! am now completely crosseyed! I never could see those things!...also, my verification word thingy...eyedly! haha!

amydove said...

I always see those things inverted, as in the image goes inward rather than pops outward. I wonder what that means about me or my eyes.

Unknown said...

woah, thats cool amy! i cant get it to appear inverted to my eyes!

what about about this illusion: can you see the girl spinning in both directions or just one?


Boris Häußler said...

Hehe, Amanda, you're a nerd! :D

It's a matter of technique whether you see things elevated or not. There are books for both. I cannot do the cross-eyed thing, either.