Saturday, June 12, 2010

world cup 2010: finally!

the world cup 2010 is finally upon us!!

i've been looking forward to today's match between the USA and England for a loooong time! my flag is flying high and my red cowboy boots are all shined up and ready for victory - YEEHAW! i think which ever of these two teams manages to win the group will have a relatively easy time making it thru to the late stages! you never know though, we'll see...

so who do you have placed to win the whole shuh-bang?? i'm going for spain this time because i like a lot of individual players (torres, of course) and i'm hoping for a big win by a team that has never won la copa mundial before. i know the USA surprised us all last summer by defeating spain and making it to their first ever FIFA international tournament final, but my statement still stands.

in other world cup new, i think the official world cup anthem by shakira is so bad that i wont even post a link to it, but i will share this video by the great angelique kidjo and famous musical crew:

during the build up to this world cup, i learned about the phenomenon of the world cup sticker book, which many people fill up during their childhood world cups, but i never knew about it growing up in the US... so i've decided to collect now! i've filled up about half the book so far, but i have a lot of repeat player stickers. as i do not know very many young people here to trade with, please let me know if you have extras that you might like to swap!!!


Steve - Kestrel's Aerie said...

Didn't know about the sticker books either, and we lived in Germany during the '88 Cup. And even though we didn't live on a military base, our kids didn't interact with the Germans (something on the long list of Things I'd Do Differently If I Could Do Them Over...).

Anyway...agree, Spain are the favorites, and deservedly so. Brazil is ranked #1 by FIFA, but I don't think they've still completely bought into their new system. I think the Netherlands is a great "dark horse."

I think the USA has an outstanding opportunity to beat England, but there's no doubt they'll advance, regardless. Once that happens, they have an excellent chance to get to the semis. Let's just all think back to 1950 (only don't remind your hosts of that one *wink*).

Steve - Kestrel's Aerie said...

Ooops...meant '86 Cup, not 88.

Boris Häußler said...


I am german and I have HEARD of Panini, but I have never actually SEEN one until a month ago.
I don't think they are as popular there as they are here.