Sunday, February 7, 2010

rare photos of famous people

a blog called something beautiful has a great collection of rarely seen photographs of famous people. it took me quite a while to get through the whole collection, but it was worth the journey! here are my favorites:

melanie griffith and don johnson

bob marley

salvador dali

pablo picasso

miss marilyn.

charles bukowski and mickey rourke, back when rourke was so cute.

alfred hitchcock with his children

i couldnt even tell who this was at first...

sean connery! ha!

george clooney and his teeth


Nikky said...

those are awesome! the connery one made me laugh out loud!

James Pickering said...

Marilyn is just beautiful but I think that my favorite is the Alfred Hitchcock and his kids!

Anonymous said...

Hitchcock only had one child....

James Pickering said...

He borrowed some?

Unknown said...

friends or cousins of his kid?