Monday, January 11, 2010

impressive improv piano

the video below shows a 14 year old jennifer lin performing at TED in 2004. her whole performance is incredibly impressive, but the improv segment that begins at the 16:20 mark is amazing!

i havent been able to find any information about what she is doing now. does anyone know?


Fracture said...

This reminds me so much of Amadeus. Salieri struggles his whole life to become a powerful player, and Mozart crushes him with an improv.

She's not acting.

Makes you understand better who Mozart was.

ג. ג. said...


Anonymous said...

Nice, i want to be a child prodigy when i grow up.

Ariel Elgueta Henriquez said...

Fracture: Your idea about Salieri and Mozart´s relation is false, and it based on Amadeus Teathrical and Movie creation, both fictional, based in real facts (real people, names, musical creations, etc.)