Friday, January 1, 2010

where's wally?

i grew up in north america where one asks where's waldo? when searching for a tall man in a red and white striped shirt and hat, amid hundreds of other sketched people. but the world was first introduced to this character by martin hartford, who orginally asked where's wally? in the 1980s. i dont know why they changed the name to waldo for the north american release... i know several wally's but have never met a real life waldo. i wonder if thats because of the book?

anyway, we had a little art party this morning and made a painting called "where's what's-his-name?" can you find him? ;)


Anonymous said...

I grew up in North America too :) and I never knew Waldo was origially Wally. Guess my British BF can tell me to shadup about Waldo now ;P

Anonymous said...


I blame that typo on the holiday party season after effects 8/

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I spent HOURS...DAYS...YEARS poring over those books looking for every last thing I could find. They had those checklists in the back, too, full of odd stuff to find. I found ALL OF THEM in each of the first four books...crazy hard, but I was a child obsessed.

StevoR said...

Its always been Wally in Australia as far as I know. Had some of the "Where's Wally" books as a kid.

Yes Ispotted Wally there. :-)