Thursday, November 12, 2009

ringo starr's small head?

after reading a guardian article about the auction of the photo below, minnesotastan at tywkiwdbi noticed that ringo starr's head (second from right) looks oddly tiny compared to neighboring john and george!

does ringo really have a smaller head?


Anonymous said...

He was a little lad, was Ringo, whereas the others were all much the same height and build, and so the butt of a lot of jibes and in-jokes.

Have you been to Liverpool yet? You should! There you can go to The Grapes, a really nice traditional pub right in the middle of all the Beatles tat in Mathew Street, and sit in the bench the lads used after a heavy gig at the Cavern, next to a photo of them doing so.

Dredd said...

Since it is a frontal photo, he may simply have a thinner head?

Nicholas Garcia (Nick) said...

Buy, it sure appears that he has a smaller head. He is a smaller person all around. nikgee

Reyjr said...

I think John and George were lunging forward a bit... :p