Friday, May 1, 2009

more images from malaysia

these trees do not like each other!

we walked under this detached canopy in the forest research institute malaysia (FRIM) near kuala lumpur.

a sweet pink drink called "sirup bandung". rose syrup with black jelly! it tastes a lot better than it sounds :)

a view of the petronas twin towers from the KL tower.

the steep entrance to batu caves.

fun fruit!

river town

rice from a cooler, dumped onto a big banana leaf!

eat with your hands!

please do not spit... on the bus.

storm a-comin'

white hot large-grain sand!

gigantic jellyfish! i didnt swim at this beach.

statue of an oddly-proportioned lady outside a temple.

the traditional toilet (toilet paper was not a regular feature):

which warranted some regular toilets to have signs like this posted behind them!

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Viewtiful_Justin said...


Sara Kempff said...

these pictures are awesome!

i love the "the steep entrance to batu caves" photo!

i saw a documentary not that long ago about the area.

heroineworshipper said...

Funny how so many technological wonders come from this country of bus spitters & toilet squatters. Makes you wonder where we would be if the people who actually used toilet paper invested in technology instead of mortgages.