Monday, September 29, 2008

space welcomes the chinese taikonauts

china has become the third country to develop an independent space program to put its "taikonauts" in space (the others being the US and russia). you can watch a video showing the first chinese space walk, which is interesting. something i noticed in the video is that the chinese space mission control center seemed a little... tight, didnt it?

here's NASA's mission control center in houston:

here's the russian mission control center:

and here's the chinese one they show in the video!?

is it just me? they seem rather tighly squeezed into those rows! or is this not the real control center?


Anonymous said...

"tight" facilities ...

Limited budget and even more limited experience is my diagnosis. They'll be replacing / rebuilding their mission control center as time goes on; when taikonauts ar orbiting the moon, the Chines MCC will probably be as large and comfortable for the people manning the consoles as NASA Houston is.

-mike shupp

Julia said...

I personally think this is an awesome illustration of the divide between Western and Eastern culture, view of the individual, etc. I don't mean that in a negative way at all, just that it is a great glimpse of people thinking differently.