Saturday, December 1, 2007

shrinking again, comet holmes

comet holmes is no longer the biggest thing in our solar system. the diffuse halo has shrunk back down and now spans half a degree in the sky, or about the same size as the full moon. take advantage of the currently moonless early evening sky to try to spot comet holmes.

the use of binoculars will greatly aid your ability to see comet holmes. here's an old finding chart in order for you to see the whole sky view, followed by a detailed views of how the comet is moving around the sky inside the constellation, perseus, for the next several months.

gary kronk shares the history of comet holmes, here, including some great photos of the burst stages since the initial outburst in late october.

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Anonymous said...

Comet Holmes and Pleiades are interesting, but amazing is the new astronomical finding that Santa Claus lives in Orion nebula (Google: santa claus orion!).