Tuesday, October 16, 2007

left or right?

which direction is she spinning?

if you see her turning counterclockwise, the test claims you are left-brained, and if you see her spinning clockwise, you are right-brained. some people can see her spinning one way, then focus and switch directions.

i've always thought of myself as strongly left-brained with some right-brain capabilities, but i cannot at all see her spinning counterclockwise! i've spent (a bit too much) time trying to see her going the other way, but i cannot.

can you? if so, how??!

UPDATE: i just did it!! woohoo! i managed to switch directions while watching her bottom foot...


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
At first she was spinning clockwise and I thought how in the world could anyone see her go the other way. I looked away for a second, then she changed directions. Funny.
Kudos to whoever decided to use a hot naked chick!

AirportNoiz said...

I'll take your word for it. I remember you were quick to solve those picture puzzles, the ones that if you stared at the pattern long enough, you could see a different picture emerge. Don't ask how I remember. someone must have brought one to school when we were young or something.

Unknown said...

First it was clockwise, then i blinked and looked again and it was counter clockwise, then blinked again and it was clockwise, crazy! I dont know what to think now!

Unknown said...

so which way did you see first Astropixie?

Unknown said...

kudos, indeed.

thats funny that you remember the 3D images, airportnoiz! it must have been around the time we were in shp class together that i first saw them!

i saw her spinning clockwise first. i can see her spin the other direction, but not after the blink of my eye.... i have to concentrate on her lower foot and really visualize the change!