Friday, October 19, 2007

exploding stars in an accelerating universe


there's a neat public lecture tomorrow by j. craig wheeler called exploding stars and the accelerating universe!

if youre on campus for that, you might as well come see me at painter hall afterwards to see jupiter and the moon and maybe some of the orionid meteors if you stay up late enough!

Friday, October 19, 7:00 pm (Central Time)
Reception and activities 5:45 pm, come early and see the exhibits!
Welch Hall (WEL) Rm. 2.224
Teacher Workshop 6:00 pm, Welch Hall 2.246

DESCRIPTION: Dr. J. Craig Wheeler, renowned astrophysicist and author,
will lead an exploration of ideas at the cutting edge of astrophysics.
His extraordinary lecture investigates the explosion of supernovae, and
the resulting neutron stars, black holes, and gamma ray bursts. These
exotic objects make up the life cycle of stars, show the sources of the
elements and planets, and measure the history and fate of our Universe.
Dr. Wheeler^?s lecture follows the formation of supernovae, their
characteristic shape and their significance, as well as the resulting
celestial objects formed by the collapse of a star. Dr. Wheeler
examines evidence that the Universe is actually accelerating.

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