Wednesday, August 29, 2007

when sleep is necessary

i've moved all my stuff into my new place. i dont have as much as i thought i did, but i still need to get rid of a lot! anyone in austin interested in a small tv and/or dvd player? as i slowly open boxes and discover stuff i havent thought about in over a year, i also discover some specific objects that i didnt even realize i dont currently own.... like last night when i finally collapsed in my bed, i realized that i dont own a pillow! hahaha! i balled up my fleece jacket, like i do when i'm camping, and it turned out to be a perfectly comfortable temporary solution. the only problem is that it was so comfortable, i didnt hear my alarm trying to wake me up to see the eclipse. big dud. i missed it! my body and my mind are extremely worn out right now so i guess i just needed the sleep.

anyone else see it? how did it compare to previous ones? any pictures??

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Dr. Lemming said...

Here in Oz it was dinnertime, rising over the ocean, perfect viewing conditions.

The think I noticed the most was how all the stars that usually get drowned out by the full moon came back out during the ecclipse.