Tuesday, August 7, 2007

tats for nerds!

carl zimmer at the loom blog is collecting pictures of
scientists and their tattoos. i think this is so cool! i've been checking it out all day for updates!

i've been wanting another tattoo for a while now and i have an idea mixing around in my head. i've wanted another tattoo ever since i got my first one at 18. the problem is that i've never had the idea, the location and the money together all at the same time and these are the 3 critical things for getting a permanent thing placed on my body!

the science tattoo thing has given me another idea.... and i think i might have it done... at some point ;) i've been a little leary about getting a tattoo in a bold location because of the prospect of having to apply for jobs over and over again in the world of academia. but really, would i want a job from people who think having a tattoo reflects negatively on my ability to do good science? NO!

so probably this fall or if not... definitely when i finish my degree next year... i'll be showing off a new tattoo. hee hee!


Billy Barule said...

Sweet . . . nobody has stolen my pi idea yet!

Unknown said...

you have a great idea... when is it going down???

no time like the present!

Robert Britt said...

so many people don't give much thought to tattoos. I have told my kids to wait one year and if they still want a particular design then go for it.
we all got a family kanji symbol last year at the same time. son, 13, daughters 15 and 19, wife and myself placed close to our hearts.
next up, the "all seeing eye on top of a pyramid" on my back.