Friday, July 20, 2007

what i like to play

mostly classical music that i learned when i took lessons many many years ago. i've recently started to write some songs and learn how to sing while i play! i'm not strong at "jamming" so i stuck to singing in my former band... but i'll always give it a try as i really enjoy playing music with others!

i'll share a sampling of me playing what i consider to be "my song"... everyone has their favorite song to play!! i recorded this earlier this week at the house where i'm currently house- and cat-sitting. it's the house of an astronomer and his piano-playing wife. when she and i met we kept discovering more and more things we had in common... the most extraordinary being that we share the same "song"! unbelievable! other than she's british and married, i think we're pretty much sisters!

here's claire de lune, by claude debussy... a work in progress that one day i vow to complete!


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool! One of my favorites, also, along with Debussy's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" and "The Sunken Cathedral". Thanks for sharing!

FlyingSinger said...

Yes indeed, very nice, I love that Debussy piece, and a lot of his orchestral music, and Mozart, and a lot of Mahler... It's cool that you're writing some songs too - that's one of my major things, though space, astronomy, outreach, blogging, biz travel, etc. have crowded out guitar, singing, and writing this last year (mostly). Enjoy your last adventures in Chile - it sounds like a cool place.


Chris said...


Anonymous said...

Waw, that was toe curlingly nice. And don't reproach yourself, not many people know the words to claire de lune, I certainly don't.
BigBob (Chocolate abounds!)

Anonymous said...

wow! increible!

1m.20s = la mejor parte
50s = no me acuerdo de ese parte en la original ;)