Thursday, July 26, 2007

volcanos: sneak preview

its a busy week. i'm trying to finish up a paper before i leave chile in addition to completing the project that brought me down here. the latter will be a slightly difficult task, as the instrument, FLAMINGOS2, is *still* in florida... but i'll do my best to organize the future observations.

here's a preview from last weekends trip to the see the volcanos of the atacama desert. i want to share the rest of my peru pictures before i just to these, but here's a teaser! i absolutely loved the brilliant yellow of the plants!

also, i noticed the moon close to a bright jupiter in the sky last night! it's passing through scorpius. here's a view from the northern hemisphere with the moon a few times bigger than it actually looks on the sky, for clarity!


Anonymous said...

Sure - but you are in Chile, and Scorpius does not look like that (in relation to the horizon) from there!



Unknown said...

thats true... forgot to mention that the image above is from the perspective of one in the northern hemisphere. thanks changcho.