Friday, June 7, 2013

professional female lego figures!

i just learned about Cuusoo - a platform where people can propose new LEGO ideas!  if a proposal gets 10,000 votes, then lego will consider producing the product for the masses.

i just found a set of designs to introduce professional female figures.   yes! if you like them, go VOTE NOW!

here is an astronaut, an astronomer, and a laboratory scientist:

a falconer (kinda random, but very cool!), a geologist digging, and an engineer building a robot!

a zoologist, a judge, and a mail carrier (who looks like a superhero)!

if you like these, go HERE and vote using the green button at the top right.


Peregrine said...

Personally, I think Falconry is a highly underrated profession.

heroineworshipper said...

No warrior princesses.