Wednesday, June 26, 2013

galaxy fireworks: midpoint

i'm pleased to report that the feeding, feedback, and fireworks conference is progressing at a productive yet relaxed pace.  i was going to write more here, but i decided instead to go snorkling with the turtles and stingrays during our morning off.   you understand ;)

you can read the informative tweets from the first two days: HERE.

i'll highlight just a couple items.  lisa kewly created a particularly useful graphic, which simultaneously summarized the complicated lives of galaxies that we will be discussing at the meeting, and initiated the new astromeme:  #AGNshark!

also, stuart ryder gave us a lesson in how to create acronyms for survey names!

in other news, my body has decided that i should not miss a single sunrise this week, and i'm glad it did!

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