Tuesday, October 16, 2012

fresh science in the pub: galaxy limerick

the final event of the first day of the fresh science national competition was a science in the pub event.  each of us "freshies" had to stand in front of the audience and describe our research in the time it takes for a sparkler to burn - about one minute.   the surprise twist was that we couldnt use any of the words in the title of our project.  this was especially tricky for me because i couldnt use the word "galaxy!"   it was tough.   great challenge!

the other surprise part of the event was the poetic challenge.   we each had to come up with a haiku or limerick about our research, with some help from audience members sitting at our table.   i wrote a limerick (as opposed to writing and singing a song) that i thought i'd share here.  technical details aside, i think it's pretty fun :)

The universe was once made of gas.
Stars formed due to gravity and mass.
Galaxies are collections of these suns,
I found 50 new ones! 
but there are billions, as the universe is unfathomably vast.  

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